Second-hand Machines

As good-value alternative, we always offer renewed second-hand machines.

Pendulum Impact Tester PSd 300

  • Modernized pendulum impact tester
  • With safety enclosure
  • With new operating panel

Hardness Tester HPO 250

  • With optical evaluation
  • For tests based on Brinell and Vickers

Hardness Tester HPO 3000

  • Refurbished and modernized hardness tester
  • For tests of all Kind of metals according to Brinell
  • Application of test force according to DIN EN ISO 6501-1
  • Updated control and fuse panel

Hardness Tester HPO 3000

  • For tests of hardness for all kinds of metal based on Brinell
  • Application of test force according to DIN EN ISO 6501-1
  • With factory acceptance

Hardness Tester HP 250

·         Type HP 250 with analogue dial gauge

·         Rockwell HRC

Tensile Compression Testing Machine ZD 40


The machine is used to determine the tensile, compression and bending strength of materials, such as steel and metal as wires, rods, plates, pipes, as well as plastic and wood. Thanks to ist large-room design, the testing machine can also be used to test construction components.


Pressure Testing Machine EDT 1600

  • Modernized
  • Test force: 1600 kN
  • With digital evaluation and control unit

Force Measurement Dynamometric Bridle

  • mechanic force measurement dynamometric bridle

Pendulum Impact Tester PSW 5

  • Impact energy of 50 Joule at maximum
  • Analog display of impact energy